Day 29

Breakfast – Bacon sandwich
Lunch – Jacket potato with tuna, feta cheese and salad.
Dinner – Chicken breast with salad and veg

I have not checked my weight as I want to find out how much I finially I have lost tomorrow evening.

Today, I have just done mt body work as I have played two games of football, and need a rest day before my 3rd game this week.

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Day 28

Breakfast – Scrambled Eggs
Lunch – Jacket potato with mixed leaf salad and tuna
Tea – Pulled pork with beans
Dinner – Chicken breast with mixed leaf salad and a spoon of rice.

No snacks today πŸ˜€ I was a good boy. I also played my second game of 11 a side this week. I am so tired, and am taking some time out to write this. I have to go now to finish off my work.

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Day 27

Went to play some 11 a side football this evening, instead of my run. Was good. Also did my body work.

Breakfast – NA
Lunch – Jacket with Tuna and mixed leaf salad.
Dinner – Salmon fillet with salad
Snack – 3 packs of crisps during the day

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TFL Rant

Well I officially have lost the plot with TFL this week.

Why? Well here we go:

If you journey plan from Paddington to Euston station, it is roughly a 20 bus journey. Now when it takes you 1hour and 20 to do that journey due to waiting round for a bus then yes it is fucking annoying! Not only one bus, but a choice of two!

So far today I have traveled from Euston to Battersea to pick up my charger for my laptop, and it took me 1hour, due to the bus not going all the way to my stop. Making me walk, suited and booted, in the heat. An extra 20 minutes and a clean shirt.

After leaving work at 11, I am still currently waiting for two buses at a bus stop for now 45 minutes. Now I cannot do anywork as london does not have wifi zones so practically I have to sit and wait.

So thank you tfl and everyone that employs or works for them! You have officially ruined my Monday, and most probably my week due to your incompetance.

O now I heard that RMT will be striking well that is just going to be amazing!

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Day 26

I plan on doing my body work this evening. I was going to be doing it this morning, but I went for a nice long walk to grab some lunch. Will be doing the body work and run this afternoon instead as it is bloody roasting today.

Breakfast – NA

Lunch – Chicken ceaser salad.

Dinner – Jacket potato with Tuna and mixed leaf salad.

I would kill for some more of that curry goat! I should have taken a doggy bag home from the party last night

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Day 25

Breakfast – Sausage sandwich

Lunch – Sexy mash potato with chicken, sweetcorn, on a pepper sauce.

Dinner – Curry goat. Jamaican BBQ FTW.

I forgot how amazing goat is! I also did my body work and also a quick 2 mile run.

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Day 24

Breakfast – Sausage roll

Lunch –Β Shepard’sΒ Pie

Dinner – Vegatable rice with burgers.

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